Andrés Cepeda surprised Laura Acuña after making a confession

A surprise was the Colombian presenter Laura Acuña after she met with the singer Andrés Cepeda, in the middle of her program on-line from YouTube, when the artist revealed to him which was one of his favorite songs. In addition to talking about some details of his life.

In Laura Acuna’s room, the presenter’s program, Cepeda stated that one of his favorite songs is the one he released with his group Poligamia, however, before this revelation, Acuña could not believe it, and even the artist stated that Acuña’s reaction was more common than expected. what was thought, since this melody was little known and is a frequent question in his interviews.

“You’re giving me a cock, Andrés”, were the words of the presenter, acting with surprise, like her set partner, Cristina Estupiñán, to which the singer went on to state that some interviewers do not know this song. “How come they don’t know her? Many times one is asked in interviews: ‘What is his favorite song from his entire repertoire?’ and I always mention this one and they say: ‘Which one? Which one is it?’ Is namedCertain things”, assured the artist referring to his favorite production.

As reported by the singer, ‘Cerertas cosa’ has been relaunched up to five times, so Acuña was even more surprised. However, given the promotion that would have been invested in the song, it would still not have become one of his greatest hits and would continue to be unknown to many people.

It’s a song I wrote early in my career and I love it. I recorded it first on the farewell album of Poligamia, then I recorded it on my first solo album, then I recorded it at a concert at the Colón, then I recorded it on a jazz record, I sing it sometimes in concerts and nobody has a clue”, Cepeda said about ´Certas cosas´, referring to the times in which he had integrated it into his record works, despite this, it would have gone unnoticed.

Given the circumstances, Cepeda recalled that she is very fond of him, and took the opportunity to ask the viewers to listen to her. “Life is so. It seems that it is a song that only I like very much and a very select group of my followers, but I defend it. It’s called ‘Certain Things’. Look for her”, insisted the artist, who is also a jury of the program The voice.

Laura Acuña said goodbye to ‘Happy Saturdays’

Recently the presenter was participating in the new section of Happy Saturdays, from Caracol Television. “The best of the best” was the new bet in which Laura Acuña was the presenter of the ring of humour. Among the participants, Marcela Carvajal and Daniel Samper are remembered, who are the jurors in charge of choosing the humorist who would continue in the competition.

Despite the fact that her passage through the section was very well received, the presenter revealed on her social networks that she would not continue on the program; Her announcement raised doubts about her possible departure from Caracol Television.

“This wonderful experience for me is almost over. THANK YOU to the entire @sabadosfelices team for receiving me in the most loving and kind way, thank you for allowing me to enjoy you and all your talent. To @ mcarvajal28 and @danielsamperospina Thank you for being the best partners! To @caracoltv INFINITE THANKS for this opportunity”, he wrote in his Instagram post.

The exit of the section occurs because Acuña will return to a new edition of The voicea program for which registrations are now open, as noted in his most recent Instagram stories, shared this Tuesday, April 19.