Andrés García cannot walk, he suffers a fall that leaves him in bed

The first Dominican actor, Andres Garcia He has been on everyone’s lips since he revealed how delicate his health is, since he confessed that at 80 years of age he is not in his best physical shape, much less in recent days, since he revealed that he had suffered a strong fall that keeps him bedridden.

Through a video that he shared on his official YouTube channel, the renowned actor opened up to his more than 78 thousand subscribers and told them about the last accident he suffered at his home in the port of Acapulco, where showed a big bruise that he had on his lower back.

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According to the protagonist of ‘You or nobody’, the spectacular incident occurred when he was looking for what hat or cap he was going to wear, but while he was choosing his accessoriesor he ran out of strength and his legs failed himwhich caused him to be seriously injured, as he managed to hit his column with the shelf.

“I fell because the knee stopped working, then I hit myself with this column, hit me with the shelf, with the (hat) stick, it got in here, it still hurts, in the rib of the heart, ”commented the also producer.

Andrés García explained that due to the sharp fall he has not been able to move from his bedand recounted how difficult it has been because of the severe pain that they have given him in recent days, since one of the hooks on the coat rack stuck in his rib above his heart.

I walk as if I had fought with five bastards and here I am in bed unable to move, waiting for the pain to go away little by little, I think it will take a couple more days. Things that happen to artists for being distracted. One of the hooks of the hats caught me right in the rib above the heart and it is the one that hurts me the most”, said the first actor born in Dominican Republic.

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It should be noted that the famous 80-year-old actor not a fan of hospitals, and clarified that at the moment he does not want to go to the clinic to just get an X-ray, he also confessed that he feels “very screwed up”, especially because his knees are very fragile.

“What I wouldn’t want is to go to a hospital for an X-ray because hospitals don’t hold me back. I’m a messso that people do not believe that we artists live in a bed of roses”, he concluded.

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