Andrés García needs a blood transfusion and asks for help to find a donor

The 80-year-old actor suffers from a spinal cord disease that keeps his red blood cell count low.

Veteran actor Andrés García is looking for a blood donor because he needs a transfusion to help control his red blood cell levels. This was announced by his wife, Margarita, during the broadcast of the Televisa program Hoy.

According to the lady, the famous suffers from a delicate disease in the spinal cord that has lowered his red blood cells, so they are looking for a donor because Andrés’s blood type is rare and it is difficult to find to someone who is compatible.

“A doctor friend of ours is helping us with the process of obtaining blood, which was through the end of the year, the pandemic and Andrés is a rare blood type, difficult to find,” he added.

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Andrés García turned 80 on May 24. Photo capture IG @andresgarciabernar

The first actor, for his part, said that his blood is O negative. “I can give to anyone and my blood is useful, it is useful to anyone, but only the one with O negative,” he added.

He also referred to a back operation that was done “five or six years ago” which is still causing some health difficulties.

“I have lived an intense life, I do not regret it, I have lived it. Life is enjoying, suffering and breathing, but good. I have a problem with the operation, they operated on my back five or six years ago, they put 10 screws, I waited a long time, all the doctors told me, I didn’t want to pay attention, I’m paying the price, “he said.

The protagonist of soap operas such as “El cuerpo del desire” and “Mujeres deceived” has confirmed that due to his health problems he already has his will ready in such a way that his assets remain in the hands of the people he has chosen and do not generate no difficulty between his family.

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“Everything is going to stay in its place (…) different properties are being put in the name of the right people,” he said.

Controversy over alleged drug dealing

Recently the famous man was in the eye of the hurricane after the journalist Anabel Hernández, author of the book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”, linked him to business with the Mexican drug traffickers.

Through his YouTube channel, the actor called her a cretin and a climber. “He allowed himself the luxury of saying that I am a member of the drug traffickers. Narcos her ching ** mother and her dad (…) I do know almost all drug traffickers and some are gentlemen, most of them, not like her, “he assured.

At the time, he justified that his status as a public figure has led him to meet all kinds of people, and his job is to respond kindly to everyone, whoever they are. He also threatened to sue her for her “slander.”