Andres García urgently needs a blood transfusion and asks for help to find a donor

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- famous mexican actor Andres Garcia is looking for a donor for a blood transfusion after contracting a serious disease in the spinal cord.

This was revealed by his wife Daisy flower during an interview on the ‘Hoy’ program. “He has a condition where his spinal cord destroys his red blood cells, so right now his hemoglobin is very, very low and he needs that transfusion to stabilize,” he explained.

He also said that a doctor is helping them, but because the actor has blood type O negative, it has been difficult to find a donor. The above added to the holiday season and the covid-19 pandemic, which have delayed the process.

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For its part, Andres Garcia, 80 years old, confessed that the lifestyle – of excesses – that he has had for several years, is now taking its toll on him, however, he does not regret anything. “I have lived an intense life, I don’t regret it, I have lived it. Life is about enjoying, suffering and breathing, but hey. I have a problem with the operation, they operated on my back five or six years ago, they put 10 screws, I waited a long time, all the doctors told me, I didn’t want to pay attention,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that although García has remained away from the artistic medium, he has given some interviews about his personal life, which have been very controversial.

Among other things, the soap opera heartthrob assured that he already has his will ready to avoid family problems when he is absent. “Everything is going to stay in its place, whoever owns something will have it before I leave. Different properties are being put in the name of the right people,” he said.

A few years ago, the Mexican actor moved to Acapulco to enjoy his old age with his wife. The couple was about to divorce, but they decided to bet everything on their love and this year they will celebrate their 22nd anniversary.

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