Andrés Hurtado Chibolín wishes the death of La Chola Chabuca so that he is the leader of the rating VIDEO Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

This May 7, the ceremony of Mister Supranational Peru was held in the program “Because today is Saturday with Andrés”where the driver Andrés Hurtado had an interaction with the model Varo Vargas.

In conversation with Hurtado, the representative of the Mister Supranational Peru 2021 He said that he was happy to have represented the country in Poland and that his recognition was thanks to the support of Peruvians.

With words of gratitude from Varo Vargas, The driver stressed to the model that his recognition is due to his effort and not to the Peruvians.

“You have won it by yourself, why are we going to get in your car. It’s like when I’m in Azteca Mexico and I say ‘I represent Peru’, but why would I say that, if I go alone? Why am I going to go up to ‘La Chola Chabuca’ (Ernesto Pimentel)? Perhaps she did something for me or ‘El JB’ (by Jorge Benavides), they who have done for me. That Jorge Benavides stay with his program, which he does not even see because he is seeing me right now ”, Andrés Hurtado said as a joke.

Andrés Hurtado on his live show:

The popular “Chibolín” stressed that he emphasized that he is an envious person: “I am very envious and I hope they all die and I am left alone. That’s how I am, my dream is for ‘La Chola Chabuca’ to die”.

Varo Vargas took the host’s comment with humor and finally continued with the program to announce the winner of the Mister Supranational Peru 2022. On this occasion, the model Nicola Roberto took the band.


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