Andy Polo asked the PJ to conclude the alimony process ensuring that his children live in the US | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Andy Polo continues in the eye of the storm after the accusations of his ex-partner Genesis Alarcón. Tonight, Magaly Medina questioned the soccer player again after revealing that her lawyer is trying to seek annulment of the food trial filed by the mother of her two children.

The host of shows spread the letter that the legal defense of the new pull of University of Sports presented to the court that handles his case.

Far from acquiescing to the process, Andy Polo would have questioned that the food process is carried out in our country by ensuring that Genesis Alarcon and their children, reside in the United States. In that sense, his lawyer asked the court to declare the exception for incompetence and order the annulment and conclusion of the process.

Despite the fact that the young mother has been in our country for several months, the player’s legal defense argued his request by presenting the US residence card of Genesis Alarcon and their children, in addition to the minors’ health insurance.

At another point in the document, Andy Polo alleges that the only intentions of the 27-year-old is to manage the money that corresponds to her children. About, Magaly Medina He attacked the soccer player when considering that in the interview he gave to the “D-Day” program he tries to show himself as an exemplary father.

He sells himself as a good father, but does a good father want to dismiss the demand for food for his children? I suppose that no judge in his right mind is going to agree with him”, he questioned.


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