Anel will fight to avoid the launch of José José’s tequila

for defending the name of Jose Jose, Anel Noreña, his ex-wife and mother of his older children, is willing to do anything, even fight tooth and nail. Before the announcement of a group of university students from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, who intend to launch a tequila with the name of the singer, the actress and collaborator of the program Hoy bursts and tells us how she will act if these boys persist in creating a product without your authorization.

Are you aware of the launch of a tequila with the name of José José?
Yes, and the only thing I can say is that this boy, who I don’t know who he is, has already been contacted by my lawyer and she said no to the rights to take out anything with the name José José. We agree that you have to compensate for the damage and admit that it was a mistake, because if you do not have a legal consequence. If he says it was all a mistake, we’ll be even.

What are the legal actions that you intend to initiate in case they want to continue with the creation of the product?
It’s just that he can’t go on; if he paid something to execute that project, they have to pay him back; the brand is mine and they can’t do anything without my approval. I am willing to sue him because he is misusing a name that does not belong to him, he does not have permission, it is that simple.

How do you think this affects the image of José José?
His name will never be attached to any liquor. Alcohol was what destroyed our lives, so I will not allow that type of drink to be marketed. I think there are other types of products, and if they want to launch one with the name of José José, I will take care of them myself.

Have you thought about creating a product for sale?
Not for now. What I have in mind is other kinds of merchandise such as clothes, household items, hats, which are very nice by the way, but no alcohol.

What do you think of the actions that Sarita has taken with respect to some belongings of the Prince of the song?
First, you have to investigate if it’s true, but you shouldn’t do it because everything that has to do with José José is up to me. Everyone knows that there is a will in between dated November 25, 2020, in which I result as universal heir and executor.

Is there something from José José that you would like to recover?
All the awards from those years of marriage, Gold Records, Platinum Records… For me they are a true treasure and I would like to have them for the museum that we are planning with José’s things.

When will that museum be there?
I think that in about six months we will finish it and it will be in Clavería. Hopefully we can get a little house out there, in that community where José grew up.

Are you doing anything to recover those objects you are telling us about?
The judge is going to call them (the Saras) in one or two months, and they will have to appear.

What do you know about Sara Salazar? Is it true that she is in an asylum?
I know nothing. I only know that she will have to appear before a judge and account for what she has done in court.