Ángel de Brito made a spicy “before and after” of LAM: “This is how we start, bye 2022”

The closing of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 have arrived, the stage in which you look back and analyze everything that happened and be the one that looks forward to plan everything that will come.

Such was the case with brito angelthe driver of THE Mwho made a sharp and spicy post on his Instagram account in which he showed the initial photo of the program and compared it with the photo at the end of the year.

Ángel showed himself in different photos with his Little Angels, but obviously, many things happened in 12 months, which is why there are faces that are not repeated from that first postcard, which the driver brought to the present today.

Post by Ángel de Brito.
Post by Ángel de Brito, from LAM’s start of the year.

For example, in that first batch of photos are Nazarena Vélez, Yanina Latorre, Andrea Taboada, Ana Rosenfeld, Pía Shaw and Estefanía Berardi. “This is how we start the year,” he wrote De Brito in the middle of the two photos.

Then in the second batch of photos, same post style, De Brito He wrote: “Bye LAM 2022”. In the photo there is a great absence: Ana Rosenfeld, who had a fierce confrontation with Yanina Latorre.

As for the faces that joined, there is that of Marixa Balli, who is very smiling in the two photos. She does not appear in either of the two publications of brito angelbut who was on the program for a good part of the year was Daniela Cardone.