Ángela Aguilar breaks it in her first show without Pepe Aguilar

In the last installment of Premio Lo Nuestro, Pepe Aguilar announced that his daughter Ángela would debut as a soloist. In that gala he started the new stage of the young singer which has positioned itself as one of the favorites of the Regional Mexican genre.

With his peculiar style and way of interpreting Angela Aguilar He managed to capture the eyes and add more followers, since he has an impressive voice that captivates the eyes and steals the attention.

The first solo concert by the granddaughter of Anthony Aguilar It was in León, Guanajuato where she appeared with several costume changes, surprising everyone by showing off that she has the perfect complement of talent and beauty.

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The palenque was completely filled and the attendees enjoyed the matchless voice that she exhibited by singing her greatest hits and some covers that have positioned her among the most listened to in the genre.

It is well known that the young lady inherited the talent of the Aguilar dynastywhich has been involved in regional Mexican music for many years, which they always put very high.

They could not miss their typical looks that honor the Mexican culture. Although she had a mishap with one of her wide skirts and tulle, she managed to come out like a diva to dazzle with her beautiful voice.

The Youtuber also sang the songs ‘In reality’, ‘There where they see me’, ‘I looked for it’, ‘Tragos de bitter liquor’ and ‘Tell me how you want’, a song that she sings as a duet with Christian Nodal.

Surely this is the beginning of a really successful career. She is a young passionate and dedicated to the most popular genre in which she has grown and gained experience to show everything that she is at 18 years old.

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Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Álvarado, parents of the young girl, are proud of everything she has achieved at her young age, because she sings like the greats, almost equaling her grandmother’s voice. Wild flowerwho was a complete star within the music and artistic medium.

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