Angela Aguilar broke up with her boyfriend Gussy Lau?

Ángela Aguilar aroused doubt among all her fans about her sentimental situation at this time. Apparently, the renowned singer would have ended her incipient courtship with Gussy Lau after the commotion that arose when the news was leaked.

Back in Mexico, after her trip to Paris, the young singer appeared in concert in Zacatecas and during a moment of interaction with her audience she would have implied that she is single again.

“My album is called ‘Mexicana enamored’, all the songs are sad, it would have to be called ‘Mexicana, triste y sola’ or ‘Mexicana dejada y soltera… something like that,” he said on stage at the Zacatecas Cultural Festival.

And that was not all: Pepe Aguilar’s daughter dedicated her show to all the “weepers”, in reference to the song made popular by Chavela Vargas and which bears the same name. “I was nominated for an American Grammy and I lost that one too. This song is dedicated to all the weepers, “she mentioned.

Gussy Lau is a renowned 33-year-old Mexican composer, that is, 15 years older than Ángela Aguilar. A few weeks ago, photos of both very caramelized were leaked on the Internet, confirming the romance they were enjoying. After the scandal that was generated, the couple decided to end their relationship, although apparently the interpreter of “In Reality” is not very happy with the decision.