Ángela Aguilar goes to the Olimpia Law: “I am a victim of cyberbullying”

Due to the dissemination of altered images on social networks, Ángela Aguilar has decided to take legal action.

In recent days, photomontages of the Mexican singer began to circulate in erotic settings. The falsity of the images, although evident, caused the name of Ángela Aguilar to go viral and be associated with those photographs.

So Angela decided to make a public statement.

“False images and photomontages of me have been shared. How sad to see so much effort to attack and discredit the work of women,” Aguilar wrote in a statement released on social networks.

“I usually stay quiet because I prefer to express my heart with what makes it beat, music. But today, I raise my voice and use my platform and echo not only for myself, but for all women and people who have suffered cyber bullying.”

Ángela Aguilar accompanied her text with the label “LeyOlimpia”, which is legislation that sanctions digital violence and the violation of the sexual privacy of people through digital media.

Angela Aguilar’s statement ends with an announcement: “I’ll let my legal team take care of it from now on.”

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