Ángela Aguilar in a black palazzo follows the trend of reindeer ears

Ángela Aguilar follows the trend of reindeer ears and boasts a mini waist in a black palazzo. Instagram Special

Christmas is a date that, in addition to spending it with the family, is also ideal for wearing envy outfits, so Ángela Aguilar could not be left behind and followed the trend of reindeer ears, in addition to showing off mini waist in a black palazzo.

Through social networks, the singer boasted the outfit she chose for her Christmas 2022It was a long-sleeved black palazzo with a v-neckline, which fitted her curves perfectly, so she showed off her mini waist like a goddess.

In addition to wearing such an elegant garment, the singer followed the trend of reindeer ears just like Chiquis Rivera, which a few moments ago also carried with a lot of style. Ángela Aguilar’s are simple and seem to be embroidered.

The truth is that we thought that for this occasion she was going to show off with big ruffles or with a embroidered corset like the ones you are used to. Her hair chose to wear it loose and wavy, while her makeup was simple, since only her red lips stand out.

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Ángela Aguilar reflects with an emotional message

It is no secret to anyone that Christmas recreates every year the birth of the child Jesusso Ángela Aguilar did not hesitate to share a beautiful message for all her followers, words that surely reached many hearts.

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“When we mature, the Christmas list becomes shorter, and what we really want cannot be bought”, especially when no members at the tableAlthough we must remember that wherever they are, they celebrate this day just like us.

So far, they are the only news that the singer has shared on her social networks, although she will surely publish more details about her on social networks during the night. family Christmas celebrationyour followers will be eager.

Ángela Aguilar follows the trend of reindeer ears and boasts a mini waist in a black palazzo. Instagram Special

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