Ángela Aguilar made a surprising revelation about how she got her waist

Ángela Aguilar is not only surprising for being one of the greatest exponents of regional Mexican music at 18 years old, but also for her natural beauty that is exposed with each look she wears both on stage and on social networks.

As for her physical appearance, the artist revealed a secret that left everyone speechless. It is that many wonder how it is that Angela has such a marked waist. And before everyone’s doubt, it was the journalist Jomari Goyso who was encouraged to question it. “That waist scares me,” he told her. Will she also be the protagonist of the rumor of having a rib removed as Thalía was?

Given this, the interpreter of “La Llorona” joked: “I removed two ribs, obviously. No, don’t say, because then they will be there telling me.”

Of course it was a joke since Aguilar has not had any touch-ups on his body and his figure is natural.

“That girl is extremely beautiful and I’m not just talking about her physique, I’m talking about her aura and all the essence she projects”; “she is wonderful, I love her voice”; “how cute that girl will reach very high”; “I love that girl… her voice, her shows and her outfits,” were some of the comments that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter received in the message that Goyso left her on networks.