Ángela Aguilar returns to the bob cut and shows it off in concert

Ángela Aguilar returns to the bob cut and wears it in her first concert of 2023. Instagram Special

Through various stories on social networks, Ángela Aguilar shared a little about how her first concert of 2023 was experienced, where he surprised us without his long hairso she returned to the bob cut that is already common in her.

His first concert took place in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes in the state of Querétaro, where he gave a luxury show like the ones he is used to. One of her wardrobes was made up of a pompous long black dress embroidered with colored flowers.

Although that was not the only thing that surprised her audience, in addition to this Ángela Aguilar returned to the bob cut that for years she has worn, leaving her long hair forgotten, a style that many do not like as much as the previous one.

The singer also took the opportunity to thank with beautiful words to the people who gathered to hear her sing her hits, “Thank you, thank you for this first show of the year, you opened the wonderful fair of Ezequiel Montes Querétaro”

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Followers continue to attack the singer

Despite the fact that time has passed since Ángela Aguilar spoke out for the triumph of Argentinaon social networks they do not forgive her for rejecting Mexico as many comment, even in her last publication they nicknamed her Che Ángela.

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“Chales Angelita, so good that we were going in the Mexican regional. So why call your album “Mexicana Enamorada” if you don’t feel 100% Mexican??”, “You don’t have to wear Mexican costumes if you’re not 100% Mexican”, “This wei is only Mexican when it suits her”

Although, as expected, a follower tried to put them in their place and dismissed as childish“Wooow it is tremendous that they treat her like this, of the few women artists who decide to continue betting on the Mexican regional being able to do something else and still only take it for you it is negative that she is not totally Mexican that her ancestors are Argentine or wherever … what happens to us for God … This girl has tremendous talent ”

Ángela Aguilar returns to the bob cut and wears it in her first concert of 2023. Instagram Special

All the controversy that caused a simple comment. So far, these are the only news that the singer has shared on her social networks, although she will surely surprise us with more in later days. envy outfits and concert dates.

Ángela Aguilar returns to the bob cut and wears it in her first concert of 2023. Instagram Special

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