Ángela Aguilar reveals how to make a traditional piñata

Ángela Aguilar shares how to make a traditional piñata. Instagram Special

The December festivities are over, but piñatas are a gift that lasts all year, which is why on this occasion Ángela Aguilar decided to share a video showing how to make a traditional pinataPay attention to the instructions.

To start with the elaboration of this piñata you need: scissors, a pencil or pen, as well as sheets of crepe paper and china of different colors, choose the ones you prefer, just remember that it must be colorful to make it look traditional.

now take two pieces of cardboard, where you are going to mark the figure of a small horse, when you have them ready, cut each one. Take a silicone gun and paste one of the parts with a strip of cardboard of the thickness that you want, a minimum of 5 cm.

When you’ve glued this, take the other cardboard with the figure on it and glue it to this strip of cardboard, which you should start gluing all the way around. figure outline and so on until it closes completely. Once you have this, continue decorating.

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Decoration with strips of tissue paper

When you have the figure ready, start cutting strips of tissue paper of different colors. When you have enough, just start gluing them onto the cardboard cutoutso until you cover it completely, you can even add extra details.

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Like shiny strips, which simulates the horse’s hair. Immediately his followers began to fill the section with many compliments for this piñata that revealed how to make it step by step, the truth was very beautiful and ideal for any decoration of the year.

“ More funny videos like this Angela hahahaha I loved it. And I hope you keep your hair long even if it’s a while longer, you look beautiful. Happy New Year!!!”, “Blessings and successes in this 2023. Give us more successes wonderful star ÁNGELA…

They even asked her to share more videos like this and they recognized that ability that few knew about her to do Crafts. So far they are the only news that the singer has shared on her social networks.

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