Ángela Aguilar used a rope as a belt to adjust her pants, her fans described it as something very Mexican | Famous

The interpreter of ‘La llorona’ usually dresses up in folkloric dresses for her live performances and red carpets, although for day to day she prefers more youthful and fashionable looks.

However, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has just shown that she does not need big fashion brands to get the perfect fit in her clothes and, on the contrary, she can use the most common objects for any fashion emergency.

Ángela Aguilar used a rope as a belt

On November 19, the 19-year-old singer gave a concert in the city of Mérida, where she appeared in a typical dress from the region. As she showed on her Instagram account, hours before her live presentation, she walked through the capital of the state of Yucatán with a much more casual style: a pair of jeans and a top embroidered with flowers of different colors.

Of course, he had to resort to non-traditional methods to adjust his pants, since he used an ordinary rope to tie the back pins of the garment and, thus, adjust it to his waist.

Fans reacted to the ingenuity of Ángela Aguilar to improvise a belt

While the artist didn’t even point out the fact that she resorted to a lariat instead of wearing a traditional belt, her more observant fans didn’t miss the fact.

Thus, the comments section of his publication was filled with messages exposing and applauding his ingenuity.

“What a good belt”, “What ingenuity your belt”, “Her Balenciaga belt”.

In the same way, her Mexican fans pointed out that this is a common practice among them and that, finally, they shared something with Ángela Aguilar:

“Angela is finally wearing the belts that I use, I already feel ‘aesthetic’”, “Emergency belt, I thought only I did it” or “I love this photo because you can see when you are Mexican. His jeans are too big for him and what’s the solution? A bow, yeah girl!

The driver ‘Capi’ Pérez, for his part, took the situation more gracefully and joked on his Facebook account:

“Hold on, my Angela, the Christmas bonus is almost here.”

Did Ángela Aguilar’s improvised belt seem ingenious or funny to you?