Angèle atomized by Internet users for her sequence at All in Nice on France 2, ouch it stings

This Saturday, April 16, all eyes fell on Bilie Eilish who was at the Californian Coachella festival. After two blank years due to the health crisis, his return was eagerly awaited. So, for two weekends, fans were able to enjoy the presence of many artists. Bilie Eilish apologized for “not be Beyoncé”. This sentence generated a wave of comments which shifted the attention to the Belgian singer, Angèle. We explain why.

Angèle, the target of criticism about her voice!

What is the link between Bilie Eilish and Angèle? We must go back to a performance of the pretty blonde dating back several years. Indeed, it is an old interpretation that Internet users have not forgotten and that they have not hesitated to put back on the front of the stage. Indeed, social media can be ruthless and nothing ever fades. Apparently, Angèle had had a little slack on the stage of the show All in Nice and she had been compared to Beyoncé, the girlfriend of Jay-Z. So, this Monday, April 18, when artist Bilie Eillish swings during a statement: “Thank you, Coachella. I’m sorry I’m not Beyoncé”, the link with Angèle was automatic. Indeed, he dropped this sentence just after the interpretation of his song during the California festival.

Critics fuse on the Web

Since then, Internet users have been unleashed and divided on the Web. Indeed, some are fans of Beyoncé and do not hesitate to defend her tooth and nail. They say she has a beautiful voice. That she’s a real stage beast and that she knows how to put on a show and create an atmosphere of madness! In addition, we do not forget to underline her incredible hips and her silhouette which makes her dream more than one and one.

But, you can’t please everyone. So, others do not share this opinion. Indeed, they find Beyoncé’s performances as a moment when “she moves everywhere” and don’t really sing. They add that she does not have enough energy to sing and dance and that she is running out of breath. This is exactly what Angèle was accused of during her performance in All in Nice. We refresh your memory!

A missed song for Angèle

Thus, Internet users have brought out the old files on social networks, in particular on the failed performance of Angèle. She was singing live at the event All in Nice and his performance did not satisfy the audience, to say the least. The pretty blonde performed her title Swing your what and this one caused hilarity on the web. “It’s more Angèle it’s Angina”, “Angèle can’t sing live. I don’t know ps you are stubborn. It’s his biggest weakness as an artist”, “on the other hand the video of Angèle live I’m really laughing, she was drunk or what? “, “Without being mean Angèle live she is serious zero srx it is better that she does playback”can we read in the comments…

That takes nothing away from his talent!

These criticisms and mockery of Angèle come back to the fore years later. You can check out the moment in question in the link below. Like what, Internet users have an incredible memory and they don’t forget any bad patch.

This situation makes us think of Romeo Elvis’ sister, whom they did not miss either after a performance at the last music victories with Damso. In any case, we cannot deny the talent of Angèle and she must be used to comments on social networks by now. Artists must succeed in detaching themselves from this virtual world to continue their journey. One thing is certain, Angèle has brought a lot to the musical world. Moreover, her numerous fans support her no matter what, even if she happens to be underperforming from time to time.