Angèle metamorphosed: Her new hair color is not unanimous

Angèle is currently at the top of her game and nothing and no one can dethrone her from her pedestal. She indeed hit the jackpot with the release of Bruxelles je t’aime, a single whose lyrics were to reflect her love for her hometown. Despite this apparent success, Romeo Elvis’ sister continues to persevere in this area which has given her everything. She remains for this as close as possible to her fans. She does not fail to post photos that are just as original of each other. Something to arouse the curiosity of his most fervent fans.

A strong woman who assumes herself

Her fight for the feminist cause is still close to the heart of Angèle. This is why she is personally involved in this fight which she intends to win by changing many negative visions of today’s society. The singer is also an activist committed to the recognition of the LGBT community as such. It is in any case the first time that we see her with such short hair. What’s more, she had tinted them black. A color that, according to most Internet users, does not really go with her face.

Angèle has always been a woman who assumed what she was. She therefore intends to live as she intended without taking into account the criticisms of her detractors. Suffice to say that if she likes this look, she will adopt it and make sure that her fans accept her as she is.