Angèle: On stage with Dua Lipa, she ignites the audience!

She’s the pop icon of her generation, Angèle remains on top of the trends this year, and continues to make her audience dream. However, his last performance at the Victoires de la Musique was a total flop… To sing his famous title Brussels, I love you, the singer was sitting on a huge waffle. What made a first scandal. Why ? The waffle produced for the concert was from Liège, not Belgian… Ouch! But that’s not all. The worst, according to the spectators, was the performance of the artist. Indeed, many Internet users have let loose in the comments, accusing Angèle of singing very out of tune live. If some went there with their advice, others were very hard on the singer. Will spectators change their minds during the Primavera Sound festival? Angèle joined Dua Lipa on stage! We tell you everything.

Angèle and Dua Lipa in competition?

Dua Lipa is a rising star in music, her popularity rating continues to climb, and the singer is sold out wherever she performs. Despite Angèle’s few flops, notably at the Victoires de la Musique, the artist invited him to join her on stage during the Primavera Sound festival. A colorful show that won over the fans! Angèle made an Instagram post to greet her friend.

© Instagram @angele_vl

On Instagram, Angela publishes a video of his show with Dua Lipa on the Primavera Sound stage. A concert that set the festival on fire! If a few people still hesitate to see Angèle on stage, they will quickly change their minds. Moreover, Angèle performs in her turn, alone, at Primavera Sound! Stay connected.