Angèle: The singer ignites the canvas with her bustier!

This summer will definitely have been busy for Angèle. The singer who had ignited the scene of Gignac last Sunday, July 31. Having indeed participated in the Ecaussysteme festival, she had taken the trouble to immortalize certain moments of her unforgettable stay in this city. Hence this photo that she had recently shared on Instagram and which had caused a lot of reactions in the ranks of Internet users. The singer was displayed this time with a breathtaking look that fits perfectly with the heat it is doing at the moment. A black bustier that must have turned heads during this series of concerts that she gave in almost all of France. It is definitely not for nothing if more than 3.6 million people follow her on social networks. This, despite the controversy in which Romeo Elvis found himself involved a few years ago.

A dark affair that makes a stain

Accused of rape by a young woman, Romeo Elvis had to slip away from the music scene for a while. Denounced thanks to the hashtag #balancetonrappeur, he had also damaged the career of his sister. Angèle had long shown her commitment to the fight for the rights of women and the LGBTQ community and the fact that her brother was justly accused of rape had had the effect of a bombshell within her community. Hateful messages were quick to burst out everywhere on social networks. Forcing her out of her silence in order to defend herself. Even if this situation made her particularly uncomfortable, she insisted that she was in no way responsible for the acts perpetrated by her brother.

Romeo Elvis had as a reminder confessed the facts in this case of alleged rape. He even presented his most sincere apologies to the young woman who had declared what she had felt at the time. A chilling story that had almost been fatal to the career of the rapper. Suffice to say that it came close. Especially when we know that he was not the only one to have been involved in this scandal either. Moha la Squale had also been the subject of numerous complaints. The latter who are obviously still in court. For her part, Angèle can now continue in this field which has opened the doors to fame for her. The release of his album Nonante Cinq was also one of the most anticipated of the moment.

A real ray of sunshine

It is therefore radiant and full of life that Angèle recently appeared to her fans. Displaying a wide smile that would melt more than one, she also opted for a black bustier that suits her perfectly. It was as if this dress was specially cut for her so much it highlighted her perfect figure. It is in this sense completely legitimate that 230,273 people have so far liked his shot. Compliments were also not desired given the number of comments it received as an appendix to its publication. Some even became poets saying they were the blue shutters in the background and she was beautiful.

In addition to being a talented singer, Angèle is also a model. This is immediately felt through this magnificent photo which had quickly made the rounds of social networks. It’s kind of like the world revolves around her.