Angélica Rivera again with her ex and calls him “my family”

Giving a great lecture on maturity, the actress Angélica Rivera, is seen again with her ex and calls him “my family”. The former first lady of Mexico spent Christmas very well accompanied by her loved ones.

Despite staying away from the spotlight most of the time, on this special date, as it is Christmas, Angelica Rivera She shared a little bit of her personal life, surrounded by affection with her loved ones and leaving glamor aside.

“Merry Christmas from our family to yours. May everything that does us good be eternal. I wish you a beautiful Christmas and that you be with your loved ones. We 5 forever, you are my greatest gift, I only miss you you Pablo Bernot” wrote Sofía Castro.

In the image shared by the 53-year-old actress, the protagonist of novels such as distilling love Y The owneryou can see the famous woman very happy and happy with her daughters Fernanda, Regina and Sofia Castroas well as her ex-husband, the famous television producer, Jose Alberto “El Guero” Castro.

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“My Christmas. My family. My great gift,” wrote the controversial former president of the National DIF.

Angélica Rivera again with her ex, and calls him “my family”. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

This is not the first time that Angélica Rivera meets with her ex and they spend Christmas together “pajamas”. This time they did it by coordinating comfortable black and red checkered pajamas, forgetting about glamor for a while and focusing on enjoying the moment with the family.

Angélica Rivera again with her ex, and calls him “my family”. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

And it is that, despite the fact that the guero castro Y Angelica Rivera they divorced more than 15 years ago, both have maintained an excellent cordial relationship for the well-being of their three daughters, proving that, to date, they are not only great friends, but they consider themselves a family.

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The famous Seagull She was also married to the former president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nietofrom 2010 to 2019, a relationship that was always in the eye of the hurricane and that ended in divorce, after an infidelity of the politician with whom he is currently his girlfriend, the Mexican model, Tania Ruiz Eichelman.

Angélica Rivera again with her ex, and calls him “my family”. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Definitely the family castro rivera will close the year very happy and content, waiting for the return to the screen of Angelica Riveracolo they have been assuring it for some months.

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