Angélica Rivera reappeared in a photo with her daughter Fernanda Castro, together they attended a Paul McCartney concert in Boston | Famous

To this day, it is only thanks to his close circle that we have details of his life off stage.

In particular, the daughters she had with José Alberto Castro, Sofía, Regina and Fernanda, are the ones who share glimpses of the life that Angélica Rivera leads today.

Only at the beginning of last May, “La Gaviota” and the soap opera producer celebrated Fernanda’s graduation from the university and now her second daughter shared a new photo of the soap opera actress.

Angélica Rivera reappeared in a photo with her daughter Fernanda

Everything indicates that the celebration for having finished her music studies at the University of Berklee continues for the 22-year-old, since on June 10 she attended a Paul McCartney concert in Boston.

Through her Instagram account, Fernanda Castro Rivera showed some images of what she experienced in the presentation of the former Beatle.

In one of the snapshots, she appears hugging Angélica Rivera, letting her see like few times.

It must be remembered that on past occasions, both Fernanda and her sister Sofía used to cover their mother’s face in a certain way.

This became clear at the beginning of this 2022. In February, the soap opera actress danced in a TikTok video with her daughters, but it was difficult to recognize her because she was wearing a face mask and a black cap.

A month ago, Fernanda Castro shared short videos in her Instagram stories in which she is seen singing with her mother, but because the images were taken in the dark, her face could not be seen.

Sofía Castro defended the privacy of her mother, Angélica Rivera

Although the daughters of ‘La Gaviota’ usually share one or another glimpse of their mother, they prefer to speak publicly about the life of the actress.

However, at the end of last April, her firstborn broke the silence that characterizes her in front of the press. This, after the statements of Cynthia Klitbo about the alleged infidelities of Enrique Peña Nieto in the marriage with Angélica Rivera.

“I think no one has to speak (…) The only one who knows her story and the only one who has the right to tell her truth, her story and her life is my mother,” she declared in an interview with various media.