Angélica Rivera the most elegant on the beach with her ex

Angelica Rivera the most elegant on the beach with her ex. A beautiful family is the one that the actress forged next to her ex-husband, José Alberto “el Güero” CastroThis was reflected in a photograph published by the famous celebrity magazine “Caras México”.

On the cover appears Angelica Rivera wearing a beach outfitbecause she wears a knitted hat, while attire she wears a jumpsuit made of light fabric with a print in various colors and on top of it a blouse that she tied at the level of the navel.

Despite the fact that her eyes are covered by sunglasses, she reveals her beautiful smile, while letting her blonde hair loose. Without a doubt an outfit that makes her look elegant and beautiful.


In the photograph, she appears next to her ex-husband, with whom married in 1994but finally divorced in 2008. Therefore, in the image, “Güero” Castro looks jovial in a radiant orange guayabera, which he accompanies with a palm hat, as if time did not pass over him.

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As a result of their love, Angélica Rivera and the producer of Televisa’s Mexican soap operas had three beautiful daughters Sofia Castro 26 years old, fernanda castro 23 and under regina castro 17, so they also appear posing next to their parents.

Sofia is the only one Three sisters that she is not wearing sunglasses, so she reveals her beautiful smile, and it can also be seen that she is wearing an orange outfit. What is striking is that her family photo also shows her boyfriend.

The reason is that his love relationship is going great with paul bernotIn fact, a few months ago they celebrated their third wedding anniversary and Sofía talked about their future wedding plansso basically it is already part of the Castro Rivera family.


Regina and Fernanda also appear smiling in the image. In this way, the family of Mexican stars made it clear that they are united more than ever and are ready to celebrate in the United States the Thanks Giving or the Thanksgiving Day, which is characterized by bringing together all loved ones.

Although the actress and former first lady, who was the wife of Former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nietohas stayed away from the spotlight in recent years after her second divorce, her daughter Sofía revealed that there is a possibility that her mother will resume her artistic career.

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