Angélica Vale empowers women with curves in a beautiful iridescent dress

Angélica Vale empowers women with curves in a beautiful iridescent dress and confirms that you can be beautiful and sophisticated with any body typebecause it is the attitude and self-love that make the difference.

Without a doubt, one of the great surprises of “Your face is familiar to me” week after week it was not only seeing the hidden talent of various celebrities, but also meeting again with Angélica Vale, who after TV soaps What “the most beautiful ugly” confirmed the great talent he inherited from her famous parents, Angélica María and Raúl Vale.

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And it is that long before shining as a leading actress, Angelica Vale She wasted talent in musical theater plays and as one of the best imitators in Mexico, thus she managed to create her own legacy. Although many times she was criticized for her figure and she herself reveals how difficult it was to grow up like this, she now shows off her curves with pride and elegance.

to crown the winner of “Your face rings a bell”, Angelica Vale wore a spectacular iridescent dress with a metallic beltevoking the fashion of the 70s. daughter of Angelica Maria She paired the outfit with lightly waved hair and simple makeup, plus a French manicure that goes with everything.

Angelica Vale week after week he shared his best tips with the participants to make their talent shine and finally, it was Michael Stuart the big winnerwhile kika edgar swept the public vote.

Angélica Vale, a very talented mom

Then the success ofthe most beautiful ugly”, Angelica Vale formed a life in the United States alongside her husband, the prestigious executive Otto Padrón and his two children, as well as his dear mother, Angélica María, with whom he has a successful video channel on YouTube.

In addition to showing off as a loving and dedicated mother, Angelica Vale He has also been able to continue with his professional career and today he has one of the most listened to radio programs in Los Angeles, the city where he lives.

For now, fans of Angelica Vale They eagerly await their next project and celebrate their return to Mexican television with glamor and fun.

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