Angélica Vale goes on a date with her mother Angélica María and is the most adorable

Angélica Vale goes on a date with her mother Angélica María and is the most adorableas his followers celebrated that in the midst of their busy schedules and family activities they took the time to enjoy themselves.

Just last weekend Angélica Vale fell in love in the grand finale of “Your face is familiar to me”, with a litmus dress that empowered women with curves. Throughout the entire season the actress of “The most beautiful ugly” She wore the most elegant outfits that made her look sophisticated and fun.

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Now, Angelica Vale He falls in love when he resumes his daily activities and among them he shines on a pint day with his mother a few days after having celebrated “Mother’s Day” both in Mexico and in the United States.

Through social networks, Angelica Vale and Angelica Maria they presumed a trip to the cinema at 11 in the morning and with popcorn in hand they stressed that they were taking advantage of the time before the children left school, in reference to the children of Angelica Vale and Otto Padrón.

Angelica Mariathe dear “girlfriend from mexico“She looked the happiest next to her daughter and there was no shortage of people who praised the great actress who, at 77, looks as beautiful as ever. She today she has excelled in television series, movies and commercials, because she is still unstoppable.

Angélica Vale, a woman who succeeds and follows a great example

Although Angelica Vale She has been away from the soap operas and plays that demonstrated her talent, now that she lives in the United States with her family, she has continued to add triumphs as she is part of one of the most listened to radio programs in Los Angeles, the city where she lives.

Angelica Vale She has inspired many women by talking about personal struggles such as self-love, accepting her body, taking care of her health and the problems she had to face in her pregnancies, because in one of them she almost lost her life.

Today, Angélica María’s daughter is going through one of her best moments, grateful for life, sheltered by the love of her family and with several projects that have her followers excited, but also, with a very special place in the heart of the audience behind the projects in which he has participated.

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