Angelika Mann: Fighting breast cancer: “I was happy when the chemo started”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Around 70,000 of them in Germany contract it every year. When celebrities such as moderator Sonya Kraus (49) meet and they speak publicly about their suffering, they help break a taboo and help other affected people on their way. Singer and actress Angelika Mann (73) also told the magazine “Superillu” about her fight against cancer. She received the diagnosis last September, but was combative: “I’m a very pragmatic person and I haven’t cried a tear the whole time. I was really happy when the chemo started because I knew: now we’re going to do it finally something specific!”

Angelika Mann: “Theatre is my elixir of life”

In addition to chemotherapy, she also underwent surgery and radiation – and was still on stage during this time. “Theatre is my elixir of life. I would say it was my true therapy.” Her greatest support during this time was husband Ralf and daughter Ulrike. And she shares an important message: “I advise all women to have themselves examined by ultrasound from the age of 70, when the insurance companies no longer pay for mammography. That can prolong life!” Instead of the wig, she now has a chic short hairstyle and is quite enthusiastic about it: “I think I look incredibly intellectual now. Like a literature professor!”