Angelina Jolie and her 17-year-old daughter Zahara gathered at the White House for a momentous event

This Wednesday, March 16, it is hand in hand with her daughter Zahara that Angelina Jolie was at the White House. After months of struggle, she was witnessing a historic moment.

The same fights from mother to daughter. A committed woman for many years, Angelina Jolie transmitted the same values ​​to her children, and in particular to her daughter Zahara. This Wednesday, March 16, it was both of them that they went to the White House for a very important event: the ratification of the Violence Against Women Act by Joe Biden. A very emotional moment for Angelina Jolie, who spoke before the American Congress to discuss the fight against violence against women a few weeks ago. To attend this signing, the actress was therefore accompanied by Zahara. In an interview with NBC News, Angelina Jolie spoke about the “serious” problem in the United States with domestic violence and child abuse.

“I think there is a reality: when someone hurts a child, if it is a stranger, the way the law considers it, the way justice reacts is quite strong. , explained Angelina Jolie, outraged. When it’s someone within the family, within the same house, we respond to it less.” For years, the activist has been trying to move the lines, including pushing to fund technology to detect bruises in people of color. “My kids have different skin tones and I’ve noticed over the years even with dermatology that a lot of it is based on white skin.she regretted. (…) You are more likely to see bruises on me. The darker the skins, the less they see each other and the less people have a chance of obtaining justice.”

Angelina Jolie: “I think of all the children and all the families”

Angelina Jolie, who therefore played a key role, celebrated this historic moment with a post on Instagram. “Today, I am thinking of all the children and all the families who will now have a better chance of living without violence. I am also thinking of all those women and children for whom this legislation has come too late”, wrote Angelina Jolie, who has repeatedly accused her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, of domestic violence. The Violence Against Women Act is a federal law that provides assistance to women victims of violence. Signed into law 27 years ago by former President Bill Clinton, it enabled the creation of government programs to combat crimes, such as sexual assault and domestic violence.


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