Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the fight involving the FBI

The relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie It was literally from a movie. Not only because they met during the filming of one, but because their comings and goings after their divorce could be the meat of any dramatic script. Both communicated in 2016 the decision to take different paths, without giving too many explanations and, then, with many doubts in the air. Now, over the years, we know that this disagreement could have happened after a family incident that took place months earlier during a flight from France to Los Angeles. On said plane, owned by what was then a family, Jolie and Pitt would have gotten into an argument that would end with an alleged physical attack by the actor on Maddoxthe eldest son of both.

This episode was known because an anonymous call denounced him to the FBI, triggering an investigation by this body that shortly after closed the case, finding Pitt innocent. No charges or alleged irregularities. According to these, there were no indications of domestic violence, but the truth is that in the subsequent trials where the custody of both Maddox was settled, he did not leave his father in a very good place. Much has happened since then, since the young man is no longer a minor, he is 19 years old and studies biochemistry at Yosei University in South Korea. However, the incident that once occurred on said private plane seems not to have closed for one of the two parties.

angelina jolie and brad pitt with their son maddox, during the 2013 oscars

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Jolie could have reported to the FBI

Recently, it became news that a woman whose name she prefers not to reveal, and who calls herself jane doe, has reported to the FBI for a 2016 case that bears too many similarities to the one lived between Jolie and Pitt, which is why various American media already assume that it is the interpreter, who tries to resurrect this dramatic episode over the years. The reason for her demand to the FBI happens with the intention of “better understand the investigation of said body and thus obtain the necessary information so that their children receive medical care and psychological counseling due to the traumas that occurred at that time”assures the plaintiff’s lawyer.

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Everything happens in a halo of mystery, because to protect the minor children and avoid mental consequences in them, the person who sues preserves his identity since both she and the defendant are “public figures”. According to what was collected years ago, that discussion could have been the trigger that led Jolie to ask for a divorce from Pitt, who shortly after acknowledged having neglected her marriage and family due to her addictions. Be that as it may, what happened on that plane in 2016 seems not to have ended for Jolie, who would continue trying to gather information, perhaps with the intention of use it against her ex-husband during the bloody custody battle of their still minor children.

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