Angelina Jolie spotted on coffee date with actor Paul Mescal

Hollywood star takes daughter on coffee date with Irish actor

Is Angelina Jolie newly in love?

Her ex-husband Brad Pitt has just made headlines with his new girlfriend Ines de Ramon, when Angelina Jolie is spotted on a romantic date with a new man.


Should be newly in love: Angelina Jolie.


Patricia BroderEditor People

Possible happy ending for Angelina Jolie (47): The Hollywood star, who has been fighting a bitter rose war with ex-husband Brad Pitt (59) for six years, is said to be newly in love. Jolie was spotted on a romantic coffee date with Irish actor Paul Mescal (26) and photographed by a fan. The Instagram snapshot shows the two accompanied by Jolie’s daughter Shiloh (16). The three of them are sitting in the café at the Almeida Theater in London, with Jolie and Mescal visibly deep in conversation. The mother-daughter duo had previously watched the play “A Streetcar Named Desire”, in which Mescal plays the male lead.

Who is Angelina’s newbie?

Paul Mescal is best known for the TV series “Normal People” (2020), in which he plays the male lead alongside actress Daisy Edgar-Jones (24). For this he was nominated for an Emmy and awarded the Bafta, the British equivalent of the Oscar, for best actor.