Angry Tom Hanks defends his wife who was pushed around by a fan

Louise Thewys


Wednesday June 15, out with his wife Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks did not appreciate the attitude of some fans. And he was determined to let it be known.

You must not touch the wife of Tom Hanks. And Wednesday, June 15, a few unlucky people paid the price. As Rita Wilson and the actor were leaving a romantic dinner in New York, they were attacked by a group of fans. Very calm, the couple headed for their car, while fans demanded photos and autographs from the 65-year-old star. Unfortunately, the situation degenerated somewhat when one of the members of the group approached too close to the singer, almost knocking her over.

“Stop!” she yelled before Tom Hanks intervened. After checking that his wife is fine, the outraged “Forrest Gump” star turned to the crowd before angrily blurting out, “She’s my wife! Back off, damn it! You want to overthrow my wife? Some fans, a little embarrassed and displeased, flatly apologized. But very angry and determined to leave, the couple hastened to get into their car. Next time, some will surely think twice…

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Married for 34 years, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson met for the first time on the set of “Bosom Buddies” in 1981. From their love were born their two sons Chet (31 years old) and Truman (26 years old). Currently, Tom Hanks is playing the movie “Elvis”, in which he plays Colonel Tom Parker. Earlier this month, he was in Brisbane, Australia, alongside Austin Butler, for the biopic’s premiere.

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