Angry viewers suddenly change channels

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Jolina’s exam was interrupted by “RTL Direkt”.Image: RTL

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Jennifer Ullrich

As much as the fans have longed for a new Australia season of the jungle camp: since the time came, they have had to deal with a nuisance again and again. This bears the title “RTL Direkt” and spoils the jungle fun again and again. The news format is cheekily interposed again and again, the audience has to hold out.

In the first week of the current season, the station then went particularly far: Even a jungle test was interrupted with “RTL Direkt” and the fans raged online. Now the process repeated itself.

Jolina’s “IBES” exam interrupted

On Wednesday, Jolina’s task was to collect stars. To do this, she had to enter a dark tunnel system in which numerous animals kept her company. She had ten minutes to complete the task. A test that lasts so long is of course all the easier to interrupt … for example with “RTL Direkt”, the broadcaster probably thought.

Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals


Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals

source: rtl

“You’re not serious” was read this time on Twitter, among other things. Many viewers could hardly believe that RTL simply repeated the provocation from the other day, despite all the excitement and criticism.

It was also mocked: “It gets better every year”, with a cartoon based on the jungle camp and “RTL Direkt”.

Jungle camp viewers migrate

“How many children will be conceived in the ‘RTL Direkt’ broadcast time?” This user wondered:

Still others were finally fed up and wrote to change channels. An alternative that evening was the show by Markus Lanz. This is (also) a contrast program to the jungle camp, but apparently still better than “RTL Direct”.

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The tactics behind the interruption quickly made sense: Since the jungle camp is still a ratings hit, the broadcaster takes the opportunity to also increase the ratings for “RTL Direkt”. The news program with Jan Hofer and Pinar Atalay started with rather moderate figures and can now look forward to record figures. Of course, from the point of view of the broadcaster, it doesn’t matter that they were cheated.

Nothing is impossible in the jungle camp, as was shown once again on day twelve. So Djamila makes no secret of the fact that she feels lonely as a single. Now, of all people, a comrade-in-arms rushes to her aid. Before he starts the disgust test together with Djamila, Cosimo puts in a lot of effort to match the 55-year-old.