Anisha: In playback with her comrades for the 12 shots of Christmas, it doesn’t pass!

By Maureen Peron

– Published on Dec 25, 2022 at 5:45 PM

The winner of Star Academy, Anisha and her comrades, offered a performance that did not please Internet users…

Star Academy 2023 has more than successfully made its comeback to television. With endearing and talented finalists, the show was a hit! Louis, Anisha’s great friend, indulged in some confidences. The one who experienced the worst when young explains that Léa is really a beautiful person: “Léa has a complicated image, but really, she is incredible.” “She has a lot, a lot of second degree and she is very, very funny, adorable. I don’t know how to explain it, but in fact, she is very human. She has this somewhat cold side, a bit of a diva, a lot of people think that… but she was really there for us”.

Anisha: The lip-synching doesn’t appeal at all!

In a benevolent atmosphere at the castle, the students of Star Ac’ have formed a real family. On the loneliness of the big winnerLouis says: “Yes, sometimes she was all alone, but that’s because we left that thing to her and we didn’t want to impose ourselves to annoy her. I find it a shame to make teams because between us, there are none. There is no problem between all of us, it was very benevolent. We all get along really well. I think it’s not respectful for Anisha to cultivate this pretty negative stuff around her. Be kind, support it, but without denigrating others. “.

While they are all invited to sing on the set of 12 Christmas shots, viewers were very disappointed. Indeed, the singers had to perform in playback… And the comments are not kind: “They learned a lot of things at the castle to finally sing in lip-back, I’m very disappointed… if you’re a singer, you’re supposed to show that you don’t need lip-back”, “So sorry to inflict lip-syncing on them while on the bonuses, they sang live”, “No, I even dream Léa sings in lip-sync when she usually sings in real life, I’m so disappointed, I like it , but there, they even abuse Enola, she has an incredible voice, she does lip-synching bravo very disappointed really. “. No doubt the singers will explain the reason for this backing track!