Anja Kallenbach’s successor wanted

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Anja Kallenbach’s successor wanted
Miss Germany 2022: who will succeed Anja Kallenbach (Miss Germany 2021)? © Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

After Anja Kallenbach was named “Miss Germany” in 2021. This time there is no woman from the Wartburg district in the final. A favorite is now Sophie Breuer from Lower Franconia.

Lohr am Main – At the Miss Germany election (MGC) 2021, Anja Kallenbach was voted the most beautiful woman from Germany. It is now clear that Miss Germany 2022 will not come back from the Wartburg district in southern Thuringia. Unfortunately, Melanie Panier, who lives in the Krayenberg community and is committed to the topic of inclusion in the Miss Germany election (MGC), did not make it to the final. reveals what Melanie Panier says about her exit from the Miss Germany election (MGC).*

In addition to three candidates from North Rhine-Westphalia – lecturer and director Kira Marie Cremer from Eschweiler, mom influencer Jennifer Frochte from Warendorf and Gina Rühl from Wuppertal, who lost her left arm in a motorcycle accident – Melanie Panier is now in the top 22 including Instagramer Sophie Breuer Lower Franconia* to the title favorites. The 22-year-old describes herself as a “little social media mouse” and works as a content creator and model in addition to her training (marketing communication clerk). * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA