Anna-Carina Woitschack on new love – THAT was a big problem

It was a dark day for the Schlager world – and certainly an even darker one for Stefan Mross and his ex Anna-Carina Woitschack. The two singers were considered THE dream couple in the German music industry. But in November 2022 they announced their official marriage-off.

In the meantime, Anna-Carina is in safe hands again. Shortly after the separation from moderator Stefan Mross, she fell head over heels in love on social networks. But the separation from her ex has put the relationship between the pop singer and the new man at her side to the test.

Anna-Carina Woitschack: They wouldn’t leave photographers alone

Admittedly, as a prominent personality you have to expect that you will be photographed in public. But as Anna-Carina Woitschack now tells in an interview with RTL, she and her friend Daniel were followed at every turn. A real horror trip for the 30-year-old: “We were just getting to know each other and were followed by photographers right from the first step that we took in front of the front door to the gas station. It was really a gauntlet run. That was not nice.”

This situation was anything but pleasant, especially for Anna-Carina’s new partner, as she describes: “You want to get to know someone who is completely inexperienced and who also doesn’t come from my industry. He has nothing to do with the public and then you’re followed by photographers all the time. That was weird.”

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Here the pop singer shows her Daniel for the first time on social networks and in front of her fans.

Anna-Carina Woitschack talks about getting to know a new friend

In the interview, the pop singer speaks more openly than ever about her partner – and how the two actually met: “We met via social media – we wrote back and forth, the contact then became more and more. We just noticed that we have a lot of parallels and a lot in common personally and privately and it was a very nice time.”

But the singer also makes it clear that the new love has nothing to do with the separation from Stefan Mross.

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