Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, says that 2022 took her great love

Anna Ferro, Fernando del Solar’s widow says that in 2022 he took his great love. The yoga teacher received hundreds of blessings on her Instagram account, after posting an emotional message in which she remembers her husband, who lost his life on June 30.

It is not the first time that Anna Ferro remembers her late husband, posting images or videos next to the Argentine presenter, in order to relive the best moments she spent with him. But this time she decided to write an emotional message.

With a dedication to Fernando del Solar, he wrote: “Goodbye 2022, you took my great love, my friend, confidant, husband, lover… I keep learning from this and I don’t know what comes in this 2023, but I am with all the attitude and love to live, thank and grow. Thank you thank you thank you”.

In addition, he thanked him for everything, “thank you love for the lovefor the teachings, for the light, for the dark days… for everything, but above all for coinciding in this life, on this plane, I love you to the infinite beyond”.

Anna Ferro also recalled that Exactly this day marks six months since the departure of the television host of Argentine origin and nationalized Mexican, who passed away after a long battle against cancer.

On her networks, Anna wrote “it’s 6 months and I feel like it was yesterday, but at the same time I miss you so much @fernandodelsolar love, love, love”. In recent days, the widow has shared different images of Fernando del Solar with her followers to remember him.

Fernando’s presence on video

Anna Ferro said in an interview that at some point she felt her husband’s presence, because while she was sleeping she felt the driver’s arm as if he were consoling her: “Anna, I’m here, trust me.”

This statement was taken up after Ferro gave an interview and netizens said that supposedly her husband’s face is seen in the back of the house. This video was analyzed by graphologist Maryfer Centeno, where she said: “to those who say that You can see the face of Fernando del Solar in the video He seems very strong to me, but I also see his face.”

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