Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Bushido are planning more children

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Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi already have eight children. But their family planning is probably not over yet.

Bushido (44) and Anna-Maria Ferchichi (41) want more children. The proud parents already have four children together and Anna-Maria-Ferchichi also has a son from her first marriage. The rapper and his wife’s triplets were born in November 2021. The three girls Leonora, Naima and Amaya made the family happiness perfect. Now the proud mother has a total of eight and Bushido has seven children. But that’s not enough, as they now reveal in a documentary.

In their new documentary “Bushido & Anna-Maria – Everything on the Family”, the couple revealed their future family planning. So Bushido said frankly: “Realtalk: Those weren’t the last children.” And shortly afterwards he emphasized again: “I have it in my urine. Those weren’t the last children.” But wife Anna-Maria has a different opinion: “Yes, I think that’s not it yet. I don’t want any more either. It is enough. But somehow I can imagine that we’ll get another one. I have a feeling.”

The parents get help from three nannies

Life with eight children is not easy – but the parents do not cope with everyday life alone. So they employ three Filipino nannies. Mama Anna-Maria is very grateful for this additional help: “I think it must be nice to be together because they take care of the most important things in our lives. I want to treat them well, these women. Because they are simply worth a lot to me.” It remains to be seen whether there will be more family members in the near future.