Anna-Maria Ferchichi: She celebrates so luxuriously with her family

Huge Christmas trees, countless colorful lights and exclusive restaurants – Anna-Maria Ferchichi (41) and rapper Bushido (44) celebrate the first Christmas in their adopted home of Dubai with their seven children together. There is also a luxurious trip with nannies on the plan, where the little ones slurp oysters. But suddenly there is a program change: the mother of eight – Sarah Connor’s sister (42) still has her eldest son Montry Lewe (20) from her marriage to ex-husband Pravit Anantapongse – suddenly stands in a tight black dress and high heels Shoes on the beach at a Currywurst stand. What a contrast program …

How it came about – and how Bushidos and Anna-Maria Ferchichi’s extended family celebrates Christmas, you can see in the video above!

Anna Maria-Ferchichi’s adopted home of Dubai: Mother Soraya is critical of emigration

Although the family seems to be happy in Dubai, the circumstances of their emigration are anything but nice: After Bushido’s separation from his manager, the clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker (46), the family has been under personal protection since 2018. The threats against the rapper, his wife and his children – which also included concrete kidnapping plans – finally prompted the family to emigrate to Dubai. Much to the displeasure of mother and grandmother Soraya Lewe (64): She is concerned about her daughter’s lifestyle and does not like the fact that her grandchildren are so far away.

You can find out how critical Soraya Lewe is of her daughter Anna-Maria Ferchichi’s emigration in the video.