Anna Padilla confirms the breakup with her boyfriend, Iván Martín

anna padilla and ivan martin confirm their breakup

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    Anna Padilla has managed to gain almost 800,000 followers on Instagram not only because she is the daughter of Paz Padilla, one of the best-known characters in the history of Spanish television, nor because of her ideal looks or hair and makeup tips, but for her lifestyle: a simple young woman who loves spending time with her family, partner and friends. But lately, social media users kept asking themselves the same question: “Has Anna Padilla broken up with her boyfriend, Iván Martín?” Three years ago the ‘influencer’ began her relationship with the actor and they have done everything so beautiful, natural and fun, that they managed to be one of the most envied couples on the national scene due to the tenderness they gave off with each other. In fact, they went to live together a little over half a year ago in a small apartment in the center of Madrid.

    The breakup alarms and rumors They began this Easter, when the fans realized that Iván had not accompanied Anna to spend the holidays in Cádiz, something that he had always done in these years. In addition to not being together in meetings with friends or uploading photos to Instagram. But it has not been until today when the content creator has confirmed that her courtship with Iván Martín has ended, and has announced it with a photo and a very emotional text on Instagram:

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    “It seems crazy that two people who have been happy for so long, today have to separate to be. Iván and I have shared so much in these three years, that I can only thank him for every minute, for taking care of me, supporting me, for being my partner in so many adventures, and always being there in every little step I have taken in my life. We have loved each other madly, it has been the most real thing I have ever felt, and we will always love each other, but now our paths separate, and we have to continue growing and advancing each on their own. Relationships don’t fail, they end.
    I want to thank you also for all the love and support for our relationship, I know you will also treat this breakup with the same love, we love you”.

    Iván, for his part, has also spoken about the breakup, but in a different way. She has done it speaking to the camera through Instagram Stories:

    Iván Martín confirms his breakup with Anna Padilla

    @Ivssss_ (Iván Martín) / Instagram

    The actor began by thanking his followers for their support, like Anna at the end of his text, to continue saying what no one wanted to hear but everyone expected:

    “Anna and I are no longer together. Our paths separate. I love her very much and she loves me very much. We are important in each other’s lives. That is so, because we have experienced things that you cannot even imagine. I will always love her and she will love me too. But we are going to love each other differently. Just to clarify and confirm. Everyone in her way. We are going to be happy because that is what we are in this life for.”

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    After three years of so much love, we can only wish you both the best and all the luck in the world.❤️

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