Anna Sorokin is now selling prison art

Five “masterpieces” by Anna Sorokin have already been shown at an exhibition in New York.

The false millionaire heiress Anna Sorokin (31), who ripped off business and society giants on a large scale in the USA, has found a way to make money out of jail. Anna Delvey, as the German-Russian also calls herself, sells hand-drawn pencil sketches from US immigration prison for $10,000 each. Five of her “masterpieces” have previously been featured at a Free Anna Delvey exhibition on the Lower East Side.

Solo show with 20 works in New York

According to the New York Post, there will be an even larger exhibition of 20 Anna works in April. “Anna only wants to invite celebrities and VIPs. Her artworks are more than just visual elements, there is a story behind each one. And anyone who sees the pictures knows immediately that she really has talent,” art broker Chris Martine revealed to the New Yorker Zeitung. Sorokin, who gained worldwide fame through the Netflix hit “Inventing Anna”, also presents her “artworks”. Instagram.

In one of the pictures, she is sitting on a couch reading a newspaper. “The New York Post sentenced me to 15 years in prison, turned me into a lesbian, married me to someone, and then deported me. Outrageous. I love her!”, reads next to it.

“Send me Bitcoin,” Sorokin asks on one of the self-portraits.

Anna already has a prominent fan

According to Bild, 28-year-old Noah Becker is a fan and supported the exhibition with his own works. “I phone Anna several times a week in prison,” said Boris Becker’s son in a US podcast.