Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine tackles Thierry Ardisson following his criticism of “C à vous”

This Monday, May 2, Thierry Ardisson was on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. The opportunity for the man in black to return to his less than complimentary remarks about the show. As a reminder, a few years ago, he swung on It’s up to you. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Thierry Ardisson back on television

After several years of absence from television, Thierry Ardisson was finally back. Indeed, France 3 broadcast its new conceptual program, The hotel of time. A show in which the presenter goes back in time to interview missing stars. For information, this program was made possible by the use of software to recreate the faces of these stars through special effects.

On the occasion of the broadcast of his new show, Thierry Ardisson was present on the set of C à vous. And the least we can say is that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine took the opportunity to ironically tackle the Man in Black on his less than complimentary remarks about his show. Indeed, the latter said in 2019: There’s a show I won’t miss when it stops, it’s a parody of the dinner at 93, Faubourg Saint-Honoré called C à Vous. Because there all the shows start with C, it’s very original. So there you go, they stole the idea from me, they did it wrong“.

The presenter returns to his remarks

While he was explaining his way of creating programs, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine cut Thierry Ardisson off. Indeed, the presenter of C to you, wanted to come back to her comments from 2019: “After shows where people eat, it’s a good idea, right? Especially since it’s an idea that we stole from you if I understood correctly. A little embarrassed, the man in black went back a little on his words: “Ah, I wasn’t talking about you.”

Subsequently, Thierry Ardisson explains his sentence at the time. Taking in particular the sentence of the producer of C to you:“Yes, but Pierre-Antoine Capton, the boss of the box, said to me when we associated: ‘When I made dinner, I thought that you were going to attack me in court’. I answered him: ‘You see that I am not that bad’”. And why couldn’t he do it? Quite simply because his idea could not be filed.

Thierry Ardisson pinned by Cyril Hanouna

In fourth place in the ratings, hotel of time thus attracted 1.40 million onlookers, or 6.8% market share. Unsatisfactory audiences. Which pleased Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, while Thierry Ardisson had put a little pressure on the presenter of TPMP, he could only react. So the day after the show, he sent a salty text to the man in black:I told him this morning, because he might get my text message out. I said to him: “Now I think you are going to shut your big g**le”! I texted him, I swear it’s true. That is what is said.