Anne Hathaway talks about her difficulties having a third child

Anne Hathaway arrives at the series premiere WeCrashed. (Los Angeles, March 17, 2022.) Abaca

The actress revealed in the columns of Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, March 22, that she would like to have a third child. She nevertheless spoke sincerely about the difficulties associated with motherhood.

“I could see us having another one,” she said. Anne Hathaway has indeed revealed in the columns of Wall Street Journalon Tuesday, March 22, that she would like to have a third child. The one who had welcomed two boys, Jonathan and Jack, in 2016 and 2019, nevertheless spoke about the difficulties linked to this project of a new pregnancy.

“People tend to present pregnancy, having children, in a way, as if everything is positive,” she said. But I know from my own experience… It’s much more complicated than that.” The actress also praised the sincerity of some mothers, who share their painful experiences on social networks. “And when you discover that others share your pain… she continued. I just think it’s useful information, because I’m not the only one suffering anymore.”

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“What should we be ashamed of?”

Anne Hathaway wants women to break the silence about their possible difficulties in carrying a pregnancy to term. “What should we be ashamed of? she said. It’s a bereavement and it’s part of life. The actress also spoke about how motherhood had changed her life. “I didn’t have my feet on the ground completely until I became a mother,” she said. It’s not because I lacked integrity, but motherhood made me want to keep my word. It meant putting an end to all the nonsense that sometimes crossed my mind.” And the actress concludes: “It goes through little breaks that you sometimes give yourself, when you know that you are not at your best.”