Anne Heche severely burned: the actress of Donnie Brasco between life and death after a serious accident

Actress Anne Heche was hospitalized after being the victim of a car accident which caused a fire. She suffered many burns according to our colleagues from TMZ. She is currently in critical condition.

These are terrible images shared by TMZ. As reported by the American media, the actress Anne Heche is actually between life and death after a serious car accident. Aged 53, the actress applauded for her role in Donnie Brasco with Johnny Depp had been involved in an accident in the garage of a residential complex in the past. According to information from our colleagues, Anne Heche was driving at high speed this time whenshe lost control of her car in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The vehicle crashed into the wall of a nearby house and started a fire. Firefighters responded to the scene of the accident and climbed onto the roof of the house to trying to control the flames. Firefighters took over an hour to extinguish the blaze. Victim of severe burns as evidenced by his charred clothes, Ellen DeGeneres’ ex was taken to the emergency room. According TMZ, the actress jerked around on the stretcher as paramedics tried to get her into the ambulance. She is currently in critical condition in hospital, where she was intubated.

Who is Anne Heche?

According to our American colleagues, Anne Heche should be fine. It is not yet possible to know the extent of his injuries. Due to her condition, doctors cannot yet perform tests to determine if the actress was driving under the influence of alcohol. or narcotics. Revealed her role in the TV series Another World in the late 80s, Anne Heche became a star actress with Donnie Brasco. She also starred in The Pact of Silence, six days seven nights and psychologythe remake of Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. Anne Heche has a son, Atlas Heche Tupper born in 2009the result of her relationship with James Tupper, from whom she has been separated since 2018. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her family.