Anne Hidalgo reassured? This former Prime Minister announces his support

While the former Prime Minister of François Hollande, Manuel Valls, had earlier this month expressed his support for Emmanuel Macron, another former Prime Minister announced this Sunday March 27 that he would vote for Anne Hidalgo. Good welcome news for the socialist candidate who still does not take off in the polls.

Two weeks before the first round of the presidential election, time is running out for all the candidates, and more particularly for Anne Hidalgo. In the polls, the socialist candidate is between 2 and 4%. Even if his assistant campaign manager, Patrick Kanner, said to himself, in the columns of Paris Match, convinced that the socialist mayor of Paris would manage to exceed the symbolic bar of 5% next Sunday, April 10. Only, that would be far from enough to qualify for the second round. Despite the many difficulties encountered during this presidential campaign, the one that his relatives would call “Miss Titanium” hold on. And would she be right to still believe it? Is the tide finally turning a little in his favor? This Sunday, March 27, the PS candidate recorded the welcome support of a personality highly respected by his party, Lionel Jospin.

“In this very special presidential election, some are wondering and questioning me about my position. I would like to specify it here »writes the former Prime Minister in a press release relayed by the site of BFM-TV. “In the first round, on April 10, placed in front of a divided left, I will vote for Anne Hidalgo, the candidate presented by the Socialist Party of which I am a member, ”announced the former head of government under Jacques Chirac. Lionel Jospin embodies the honor of our political family and the responsibility in the service of social transformation. I follow him infinitely grateful for the support he gives to my candidacy. The left is also a loyalty “reacted Anne Hidalgo on her Twitter account.

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He hopes for a “revival of the ideas of democratic socialism”

In 2002, the socialist retired from political life after being defeated in the first round by the former President of the Republic and the National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had obtained enough votes to qualify for the second round. Twenty years later, it is his daughter Marine Le Pen who could again find herself in the second round, as in 2017. This late support for Anne Hidalgo also allows Lionel Jospin to place himself already in the future. “I hope that tomorrow the chances of a revival of the ideas of democratic socialism will be preserved. In the uncertain period to come, France will need it »concludes the 84-year-old left-wing man in his press release.

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Photo credits: Aurélien Morissard/Panoramic/Bestimage