Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​a hit with viewers of France 2 by very curtly putting the socialist Stéphane Le Foll in his place after an inappropriate reflection on the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau on his behavior on set

Anne-Sophie Lapix did not hesitate for a moment on Sunday June 12 to reframe the mayor of Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll. Guest on the set of France 2 in order to discuss the results of the legislative elections, the former minister of François Hollande did not really like the remarks made by the person opposite him, Sandrine Rousseau. While the ecologist joined the NUPES coalition (New People’s Ecological and Social Union), the socialist refused to follow certain members of his party who had also joined this new union of the left. He believes that in the near future NUPES “will experience serious rifts, because there is nothing very coherent between the positions of each other. European issues, NATO, retirement at 60…” A little tense, Sandrine Rousseau enjoins him to join the NUPES, adding “it’s hopeless” which further strains the discussion of two political personalities. Anne-Sophie lets them talk but she will have to intervene following a reflection that she considers inappropriate from Stéphane Le Foll.

Sandrine Rousseau asks Stéphane Le Foll to assume his liberal side and join NUPES. He replies: “You used to say that. If you say I’m liberal, I’m saying you’re far left. And we are going to move the debate forward?” And while Sandrine Rousseau indicates that she has gone door to door in her constituency, the politician launches at her: “But can you calm down? Olala ooh…” It’s too much for Anne-Sophie Lapix who reacts immediately: “Oh no no no, we don’t say ‘you calm down’. We are respectful on this set, there is no ‘we calm down’. Everyone takes the floor one after the other”. Very quickly, the intervention of Anne-Sophie is welcomed on social networks. Many have found Stéphane Le Foll’s reflection misogynistic. Who did not comment on the character of his remarks, contenting himself with sharing the extract on his Twitter account by presenting it as follows: “The #nupes is aggressively derailing the public debate. When you want to govern you have to know how to keep your nerves. Those who watched this sequence did not fail to tell him what he thought of his tweet and his attitude on the set of France 2.

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