Another operation? Khloe Kardashian’s explanation for her changed appearance

The justification sparked further debate. Some of their fans also want to have noticed other changes. “I don’t think it was the bangs that changed your face,” says one Instagram user.

Khloe: Everyone knows I had a nose job

According to Just Jared Khloe reportedly told her critics in a since-deleted comment: “I’ve been open about my nose job and anyone who ‘looks up’ to me needs to know that I’ve lost over 60 pounds over the years The only change lately is the bangs. I didn’t know I had to keep a list.”

She has therefore not undergone any further surgery. She has no understanding for the sometimes nasty comments about her appearance.

“Anyway, I think it’s sad to attack someone,” Kardashian reportedly clarified. “I hope you had a great first week of the new year. Thanks for making mine so fun.”

Khloe Kardashian previously admitted to having rhinoplasty and injections. But she would avoid Botox.