Anouchka Delon poses in panties, breasts hidden by her hair

Anouchka Delon at the Elie Saab haute couture fall-winter 2022-2023 show. (Paris, July 6, 2022.) Abaca

On the occasion of a trip to Paris, the daughter of Alain Delon took advantage of a moment of relaxation that she immortalized via an Instagram snapshot, on Wednesday July 6.

She is not cold in the eyes, nor in the body. During a stay in Paris, on the occasion of Haute Couture Fashion Week, Anouchka Delon took her picture in the simplest device. In the photo published on Wednesday July 6 and shared with its 40,000 subscribers, the 30-year-old poses in panties in the mirror of an aesthetic salon, her breasts carefully hidden by her long brown hair.

The actress took a break at the Sinara Beguin Institute for an “incredible organic contour massage, it redraws all the contours of your body in a single session”. A few hours before the publication of this photo, the actress took part in the fashion show of the famous designer Elie Saab, as well as Clotilde Courau and Élodie Fontan.

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A private life away from the spotlight

Anouchka Delon has been married since May 2021 to her companion for ten years, the actor Julien Dereims. A year earlier, the couple welcomed their first child, 2-year-old Lino.

In an interview given to Paris Match in 2019, the daughter of Alain Delon had confided what her father thought of her husband: “Julien is an exceptional guy and I cross my fingers that it lasts”. Four years later, it seems that the words of the patriarch have been heard, and the actor couple are still spinning the perfect love from Geneva.

“I had conflicting periods with him”, extract from the interview with Anouchka Delon on France 2