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The new pull of the reality show ‘This is war’, Anthony Aranda surprised locals and strangers by revealing that he has three qualities that few know, but that he has developed since he was a child.

This is how he told it for the sequence ‘#Things you don’t know about me’ of the Saturday program ‘You are in all’. The reporter Ximena Dávila went looking for the warriors and combatants to reveal their secrets.

He met the current partner of Melissa Paredes, whom he asked what are the things that few people know about him and without hesitation he was encouraged to reveal:

I ride skateboard, when I was little I was brave. I play guitar, I don’t sing, but I would have loved to. I started in the church choir. I used to play in the church choir when I was a kid. And I also participated in athletics championships as a child. All that was movement, there I was”, said the fighter.

Anthony Aranda is part of the anniversary edition of the reality show ‘This is war’, on several occasions he has shown his skills as a combatant, although he was recently injured.

Anthony Aranda reveals his hidden abilities


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