Anthony Hopkins: He celebrates 47 years of alcohol abstinence

Anthony Hopkins
He celebrates 47 years of alcohol abstinence

Actor Anthony Hopkins hasn't touched alcohol in 47 years.

Actor Anthony Hopkins hasn’t touched alcohol in 47 years.

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Just before his 85th birthday, Anthony Hopkins has reached a new milestone: The actor has been sober for 47 years.

Anthony Hopkins (84) has reason to celebrate, and not just because of his 85th birthday on December 31st. The Oscar winner shared an inspiring video on Instagram, in which he first wished his fans a happy new year 2023 and then revealed: “Today I’m celebrating 47 years of sobriety.”

He is an alcoholic who has recovered and now wants to give hope to other sufferers. Recalling his personal “situation of despair,” Hopkins thought at the time that he “probably” didn’t have “long to live” while in the grips of his addiction.

In 1975, however, he realized that “something was wrong with him”, but he was initially unaware that it was “a kind of mental, physical condition called alcoholism… addiction”. His appeal: “Be kind to yourself. Be proud of your life.”

Stars are proud of Anthony Hopkins

A few celebs responded to Hopkins’ post in the comments. “Well said,” writes Hugh Jackman (54). For top model Naomi Campbell (52), the actor is an inspiration on her “journey of recovery”. Campbell made her drug and alcohol addiction public more than a decade ago and has been sober since rehab. And actor Alec Baldwin (64) also sends his “love” to Hopkins.

In 2020 he already celebrated a milestone

In 2020, Anthony Hopkins shared his 45-year alcohol-free milestone with fans. in one Videos on Twitter he addressed encouraging words to the younger generation and himself spoke of having drunk himself “to death”. “Don’t give up. Just persevere, keep fighting. Be brave and powerful forces will come to your aid,” Hopkins advised then as now.