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Prepared for everything like a real ‘bichota‘. Colombian singer, Carol G.she does not want death to take her by surprise without leaving musical material, therefore, she announced that she is preparing a list of songs that will be titled ‘For when I die’.

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This was stated during an interview with the Puerto Rican comedian Chente Ydrach. The conversation took place when the artist was in Egypt. The confession is part of a graphic material that premiered on December 21 on Amazon Prime.

In that meeting, the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ reveals that she does not want them to cry on the day of her death, on the contrary, she asks that they celebrate in her name.

“From now on I have a new request for my family, which is the one I say these things to: have a party in my name, very chimb*, that’s very top, with my favorite songs, I am going to leave a playlist called: For when I die… a playlist and the order in which I want them to listen to it”, were the words Karol G.

The most influential artist in the urban genre added that she has provided a specific order for the songs: “When it starts, let everyone be sad so they can let off steam and a few super heartbreaking female singers and hence the dogging. And then one of salsa for when they already have to turn on the light”.

In this way, the singer hopes that when the day comes her loved ones do not suffer, and take their exit from this world in the most natural and healthy way possible.


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