Anto Segovia goes from social networks to music; her dream is to sing with Paulo Londra and María Becerra | People | Entertainment

The 18-year-old influencer ventures into the world of music, and chose Ecuador to be the first country to listen to her two songs live.

The Chilean Anto Segovia She never imagined that her growing presence on social networks would lead her to fulfill one of her great dreams. His Instagram account (@antosegovia._) has 185,000 followers, while on Tik Tok (@antosegovua._) it exceeds one million followers. But now her social networks will be focused on her new stage, she warns that they will witness a different Anto.

The influencer 18-year-old ventures into the world of music, and chose Ecuador to be the first country to listen to his two songs live. “Since I was very little I have liked art… and it has gone very well for me, it has had a very good reception, I never imagined it because I am influencer and making music is something very different from making other types of content”, bill.

He acknowledges that social networks have been a great ally in taking this step. “I feel that it has helped me a lot to have a base, like people who follow me, people who have always been interested and who have always followed my art. They were the first to hear my song, the first to support me, so it has helped me a lot.” Add.

His first song is It’s over, a theme in which he captures a love break. recently launched my girls, a single with which he says he wanted to show the other side of the end of a relationship. “I said that I no longer wanted to release a sad song, but a happy song… so I wanted to show that love breakups are not like the end, but that it is also having a good time, with your friends, it is feeling full empowered. It is to think that it is not the end, and that life goes on, and goes on better”, points out the young woman who ended a romantic relationship at the beginning of 2021.

The single was released along with a video clip, and this brings with it a huge experience for the artist, who shared scenes with her friends. “It was super entertaining and it was crazy… my whole family was there, I was able to bring my friends and then we had a good time. We recorded from eleven at night until seven in the morning. It was funny because in the middle of the night everyone was already sleepy, and my mom was giving encouragement.” it states.

He says he wants to try out some musical genres to help him grow as an artist. “I don’t want to stick to one style or genre of music. I really like pop combined with Latin trap, I like reggaeton, some bachatas. So, I am not going to close myself off to try and take on different genres, different styles”, it states.

2022 wants it to be marked by a lot of music, for which it plans to knock on many doors. “The project at a general level is a lot of music, it is also traveling to meet producers from other countries”, he maintains. Are there plans for an album? “It’s in mind, we’re working on it, but we don’t have a date yet,” he replies.

Among his dreams is collaborating for artists from his neighboring country. “One of my aspirations, yes or yes, is to be able to collaborate with Paulo Londra and María Becerra. And also someday I would like to fill a stadium ”, express.

She warns her followers on social networks that they will see a new version of her; in fact, for Thursday it is preparing a new premiere, the first of the year. “My presence on social networks will continue, only with other types of content, because it is not the same Anto that goes to school, it is not the same Anto that only got together with his friends, but rather now it is the Anto that is searching musically, the Anto that is studying”, assures the young woman, who has also been part of the staff of dancers from Disney Chile, commemorating the 90 years of Micky Mouse. (AND)